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DIY Kid's Clothing Rack

Do you need a cute, yet functional way to store dress up clothes, or just a place to hang the kid’s clothes for the week? This clothing rack will satisfy both of those needs, and I am so excited to share with you how to do it yourself! It may seem hard and maybe a little intimidating, but don’t worry! You can do it! I have included a tool and material list below!

Difficulty: Beginner

Tools Needed

· Miter saw or circular saw

· Electric sander (optional…. Hand sanding works as well, it just takes more time)

*I used 120 and 220 grit sandpaper. Depending on the quality of your wood, you may need to start with 60 or 80 grit.

· Brad nail gun (I chose nail gun because 18g nail holes are much smaller and easier to hide than screws. However, they both will do the job!)

· Drill

· ¾” drill bit

· Measuring tape

· Eye protection


· (2) 1x2x12 pine boards

· (1) 3/4in x 48in wood dowel rod

· 120 & 220 grit sandpaper

· 1 ¼” 18g brad nails


1. Cut and sand the legs: (4) 1x2@41” each

*I ALWAYS sand before assembling! I promise, it’s much easier that way!

2. Measure 5” from the top of two of the legs and drill ¾” hole. Your dowel rod should fit perfectly.

3. Cut your dowel rod. You can adjust this measurement to how long you want your clothing rack. I was aiming for 36” long, so I cut my dowel rod at 34.5”.

4. Using wood glue, slide your dowel rod into the two legs with holes, and nail your other two legs into the dowel rod on the outside.

5. Measure, cut, and sand your side braces. Again, this measurement can be adjusted to how big you would like it. I was aiming for 17” wide, so I cut my braces at 15” and nailed them 4” from the bottom of the legs.

6. MEASURE, cut, and sand your front and back braces. Measuring and remeasuring is the important part here. Your front and back braces will not be the same length. My measurements were 32.5" & 33.75" and I nailed them 3” from the bottom.

*Make sure your legs are level before measuring. If not, your measurements could be wrong, or you will end up with a wonky clothing rack!

7. Add additional support nails where needed, and you’re DONE!

See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now you have a super cute and functional addition to your kid’s room! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me via email at I would love to see yours! Please drop a picture in the comments or my email! I will be featuring some of your builds on our social media accounts, so don’t forget to go follow/like our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

Not into DIY, but still want one? I get it, it's not for everyone! Unfortunately, we do not ship this product right now, but if you are local to Cullman, Alabama, or willing to drive to Cullman, head over to our shop, place an order, and we would love to make it happen for you! ;)

Thank you for coming and stay tuned for more plans!

I look forward to connecting with you again soon!

Taylor Allen

Crew Collective Co.


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